(A worried man )

Best Retirement Choices


Some years before my retirement and still not ready to ” Step Out Of My Comfort Zone.” I was spending many hours behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler. I tried to get by the house when I could and was almost always home by Friday afternoon for the weekend.

No more stinking thinking

My son was a good high school basketball player and I was living vicariously through his basketball exploits. I would video tape every game I could attend. My wife would tape the games that I couldn’t attend. I presumed that upon retirement I would sit in my “Lazy Boy” and continue this “Wonderfull Vicarious Life Style.”……………….NaDa-NaDa-NaDa…………..”Stinken Thinken”………….
get out of my head.

A New Way To Look At Things

Park the truck


As I drew closer to retirement I began to open to more options and began to realize it was an opportunity to do new things. I bought an inexpensive guitar to carry in the truck so I could regain some picking chops. I realized that I should make technology my friend instead of doing the” ostrich thing” with my head in the sand.

TimeTo Do What Dad Wants To DO


After consultation with friends I bought my Mac Book Pro and took lessons at the local Library to learn how to do email. Went to a local music shop and learned the rudiments of recording so I could make demos. Now to those of you that know me this is nothing new.

I began to wonder about a home online business and how could you do this? As well as music I began entering sweepstakes and playing on-line computer games through a well-known sweepstakes provider.

I enjoyed the mental stimulation and had won $50, $20, and a $5 gift certificate to Amazon.
I earned massive amounts of tokens to enter more contests to win products. NaDa-Zilch-no recompense.
I also played computer chess and found a setting that I new every move the
computer made and I could win every time. Talk about comfort zone.
After doing hundreds of these,  I discovered that if I moved the Queen out early. I could win much sooner. Well slap my face and shake me up.


Make Money On-Line?

Can you really make money online? All I was doing was burning up my computer with empty pursuits. How can you turn an interest or hobby into a business and make your time spent profitable?

A binary Pirate

After a brief look at binary trading and able to escape the
many scams that surround it. I realized that it wasn’t for

Soon after that I discovered this wonderful community of
entrepreneurs called Wealthy Affiliates.

No more comfort zone. New challenges every day. Using my computer to build

a business that can help people and make a profit.

  A Great Opportunity To Share


With a very shaky world economy, Social Security at risk, retirement savings losing value, and Pensions being cut. ( I know this because I’m losing about a third of mine by next July. ) I have a motivation to make this web marketing adventure work.

I am confident in my progress and am thankful for this opportunity and want to get the word out to those of all ages, that there is a means to turn a passion into a business. More people are looking for new ways to make money and I’m glad to be on the cutting edge. Please have a look at my Wealthy Affiliate review page

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Early Retirement Tips

Planning for retirement can be stressful if you don’t know if you have covered all your

Social Security is on shaky ground, investment savings are growing smaller,and hard
worked for pensions are being trimmed back like they are undeserved. ( I know
because I am losing more than 1/3 of mine and some former co-workers are
losing as much as half.)

Top Rated Retirement Communities

Best weather by AARP:
Ashville NC.-Grand Junction Co. –  Sarasota Fl. –   San Diego Ca. –  LosCruces NM. San Lois Obispo Ca. –   Santa Fe NM.- Bend Or.-  Ft. Worth Tx.- St. George Ut.

Sailing in the breeze.

Most Affordable Cities By CBS News

Pittsburg Pa. –  Indianapolis Ind. –  Omaha Ne. –  Decatur Al. – Tulsa Ok.-  Tampa Fl.
Clarksville Tn.-  Corpus Christie/Belfort Tx. –  Alexandria Va.-  Aiken SC.

Things To Do In Retirement

Get a job  –  Volunteer –  Take up a sport –  Get a hobby  –  Start a business –  Travel –
time off  to reassess things ( you have earned it. )  –  Get involved in your church  –  Go south for the winter – Make new friends – start an exercise program.

Active Adult Community


Nice area to live in  –  Be with your own age group  –  Maintenance is Included-
Activities such as ( exercise classes,  education classes,  recreational activities)
Quiet-gated- no traffic- neighborhood – Less wear and tear on your home.

A large initial fee  –  A monthly fee –  A small niche market limits cost saving-
Limited property investment opportunity.

Community Care Retirement Community


Based on a study titled  “Study of independent residents in the communities in
which they reside'” By  American Centers Housing Association. They found that the
best communities should:

1. Promote active lifestyles.

2. Support Social involvement.

3.Ensure proper medical care

Beautiful waterfall

4.Provide good socialization

5.Encourage overall wellness

6. Be good for younger seniors

Three Types Of Living Within A CCRC


…. Independent living

……assisted living

……skilled nursing care

Most C.C.R.C. communities are designed to offer  independent seniors the freedom they like and the security to know they can move to the other type
of care as needed.
There is an initial fee of $50,000 to $ I million and then a monthly fee.
But there should also be a guarantee to stay if the money runs out.