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Types of scams

Scams that have tried to hook me or my relatives

While researching ways to develop a home internet business, I saw many scams that are used to take advantage of those that dream of having their own business.I have a list of common scams and ways to spot them.

  1. An automatic money machine, prevalent in binary trading.They usually want you to download a program onto your computer(don’t)and invest as much as $5000.(don’t).
  2. You are the winner of a fortune, we just need X amount of money so we can secure it for you.
  3. The bait and switch,  common even in a respected business where you are given an opening price that gets your attention and then you find that you’re talking about something much more expensive.
  4. A trial for a small fee, and in the small print it says that if you don’t notify them funds will be deducted from your account, monthly.
  5. We have this sure thing, we just need a small investment and you will receive a windfall.
  6. I’ll send you a check for the order but I need it ASAP. When you get the check you send the order but the check bounces. They prey on the good will of others. No Easy Money

There is no free lunch or easy money. If there was, everyone would be doing it. Elderly people are often easy prey because they came from a very trusting time. There is still legitimate business opportunities that are affordable. Please visit my Wealthy Affiliate review page.


A scamming pirate



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