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The Coffee Break Time

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 When I am out and buy a cup of coffee in a restaurant, gas station, fast food drive through, or coffee bistro, it is usually a good tasting cup of coffee.  Some gas stations have room for improvement.
  At home, which is my castle, I want the coffee to be a rich, good tasting experience. Many times I look forward to my coffee at home because I brew it the way I like it. If you ever have had a bitter or weak cup of coffee you may as well throw it out.
  I have had energy drinks that want to take the place of coffee. You may replace the caffeine with an energy drink but you can not replace the flavor of a great cup of coffee. 

Coffee bean logo and text

1. Quality coffee beans.

Good quality coffee beans can be the difference from a good to a great cup of coffee. To find the taste and aroma that you like you may want to try different coffees. Arabica and robusta are two types of coffee beans. Arabica is the richer of the two but also the more expensive. Robusta has good flavor and is easier on the budget.

2. Good-tasting pure water.

Pure and good tasting water is important for a good tasting cup of coffee. If you live in a hard water area or your water has a taste you can filter the water or buy distilled water. Distilled water is also better for your coffee maker.

3. The grind of the coffee.                                                    

The grind of the coffee must match your coffee brewer. Turkish and Greek coffee are brewed with very finely ground beans but there are other grinds that produce a good tasting coffee also. A french press requires a long soak as the beans are coarse ground. This too can give you a great cup of coffee.

4. The freshness of the beans.             coffee-beans-spilling-out -of-sack

The oils in the coffee bean can get rancid so if you do not drink coffee on a regular basis, freezing may be an option. If you brew a pot every day this would not be necessary and may take away some flavor.

5. The cleanliness of the brewing equipment.

Keeping the coffee maker and carafe clean is important as  the old oils can get rancid and cause a bitter taste.

6. The type of coffee brewing machine.

The type of brewing machine must match the grind of the coffee.
The finer the grind the less time that is needed for the water to contact the beans. Espresso coffee has a very short time that the water contacts the beans and they must be finely ground. A french press will take a long time to brew and the grounds can be very coarse.
This is a case where the grind must match the brewing machine or the result will not be favorable.

7. Paper or stainless steel filters.        Cup-of-Coffee-canlel-rose-picture

Paper filters are fine but could leave a faint taste with the coffee. Stainless steel screen filters may be better but need cleaning.

Grind your own coffee


Cartoon-figure-Betty Boop
I can’t do a thing till I have my morning coffee!


The Keurig K55
http://amzn.to/2bJiM92                      Keurig-coffee-maker


Probably the best single serve coffee maker and it has the ability for you to add your own grounds. This would be cheaper and you can find your own beans to taste. It is also capable of making a four-cup carafe.


The price is high but it is a quality brew machine.

Final opinion:

The Keurig 55 is the best coffee maker at this time. It is for single serve but can also handle a pot of coffee.

The Bunn BT velocity brew 10 cup
http://amzn.to/2baa21h                                 Bunn-coffee-maker


There are not many features but it brews very good coffee. It also has a thermal carafe.


It is on the pricey side and paper filters are recommended rather than a permanent filter.

Final opinion:

This is a quality coffee maker and has a loyal following

The Cuisinart DCC 3200 perfect temp 14 cup

http://amzn.to/2bc5lkR                                              Cuisinart-coffee-maker


Cuisinart is loaded with features it brews quickly and is fully programmable. It has a good filtration system.


Expensive and you can’t use a thermal carafe.

Final opinion:

It is expensive but high quality and a top brand name.

Hamilton Beach single serve coffee brewer

Pro:                                                                                 Hamilton Beach-coffee-maker

Very affordable with auto shut-off, brew strength setting, and a pause and serve feature.


Paper filters recommended.

Final opinion:

This Hamilton Beach coffee maker has a lot of “bang for the buck”.

Mr. Coffee BMVC-SJX33GT 12 cup programmable coffee maker
http://amzn.to/2bc5cxO                   Mr. Coffee-coffee-maker


There are many features for the price, auto shut-off, pause and serve, brew strength, and water filtration for a very small price.


The clock is hard to read. There have been reports of a plastic taste that probably goes away with use. This could be a production error.

Final opinion:

This Mr. Coffee is not the best but the price makes it an attractive buy.


* helps prevent gallstones.

* helps lesson Parkinson’s symptoms.

* helps mental acuity.

* fights bacteria.

* coffee does not cause hypertension

* helps prevent type 2 diabetes, although diabetics should reduce consumption.


* Helps you with stamina.

* Gives you antioxidants that prevent cancer.

* It will relieve a  headache. (headaches may be caused by a lack of caffeine and the coffee is providing the fix.)

Coffee Bean-Plant

6 thoughts on “The Coffee Break Time

  • September 4, 2016 at 1:14 am

    I have always wanted a Keurig coffee maker, but there seemed to be so many to choose from and I didn’t know which one that I should choose.

    Do you select a Keurig by the amount of coffee that it can produce, or does it have something to do with the coffee itself? I want one but I don’t know where to start.

    • September 4, 2016 at 2:18 am

      Hi Christian, thank you for your comment. We have owned a smaller less expensive Keurig and the taste is just as good. The more expensive models are easier to use as far as adding water. You will have to check the price and the features that you want.
      There are many types of coffee to choose from. I like Newman’s Own Organics because it is a dark bold coffee.
      There are dunkin donuts blends and Starbucks blends and many others. There are breakfast blends for those that like a lighter fair. My wife likes the flavored coffees.
      I use it by the cup but there are models where you can brew a carafe.


  • September 23, 2016 at 11:56 pm

    Nothing like a good coffee to get the day going. Great post mate. Marty, thanks for sharing the benefits of coffee as now I can be ensured that is in fact, beneficial despite what other people say.

    Awesome list of coffee makers and so many options that its hard to make a choice. Out of all those mentioned which one do you own?

    • September 24, 2016 at 12:06 am

      Hi Vinnie,
      I use a Keurig in the morning and evening. When you clean it with vinegar on a regular basis and use distilled water it make a great cup of coffee.
      Since I drink coffee almost all day long it can be expensive, so I brew a pot in my Mr. Coffee. I use Folger’s and when the Mr. Coffee is cleaned and the beans are fresh, it too, makes a great cup of coffee. I would like to hear what type of coffee and what coffee makers other’s use. Thanks for your comment.


  • September 28, 2016 at 5:09 pm


    I really like the idea of the Hamilton Beach brewer because it has the versatility to do a whole pot or just one cup.

    My wife and I are always on the go so we don’t always need a whole pot and it often gets wasted so it would be great to have the option of just brewing one cup.

    Also I have to agree with you about caffeine relieving a headache because I will almost guarantee that I’ll have a headache if I forget my morning cup of joe.

    I guess that means I’m addicted to it. lol. There could be a lot worse habits.


    • September 28, 2016 at 5:47 pm

      Hi Robert,
      thanks for your comment. I personally don’t have a Hamilton Beach coffee maker but it sounds great with the option of 1 cup or a pot. Do they use the packets like Keurig? I go from Mr. Coffee for a pot and Keurig by the cup. Coffee may cure headaches in general but I too will get a headache if I miss my morning coffee.


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